Evaluation of quality of life and morale using a digital instrument in Military Health Staff

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Adriana Martínez-Cuazitl
Damián Rios-Vela
Janeth Ramírez-Beltrán
Yolanda Guadalupe Damián-del Ángel
Marbella del Socorro Butrón-Candila
Guadalupe Flores-Oviedo
Juan Carlos Vega-Vargas
Oscar Eduardo Castro-Flores
Daniel Gallegos-Díaz
Angélica Nava-Pedraza
Daniel Emanuel González-Meléndez
Frida Paulina Partida-Zaragoza
Abiel Adolfo Segura-Olivares
Iván Noé Martínez-Salazar


Introduction: Quality of life is a multidimensional concept, including physical, material and social well-being and development and activity. It is the subjective perception of general satisfaction that is related to physical, mental and social factors. It allows the realization of the potentialities of the individual in his daily life. Coverage can be categorized into five dimensions: physical well-being, material well-being, social well-being, emotional well-being, and development and activity.

Objective: Evaluate the quality of life and morale in military health staff  through the digital application of the Morale Survey and the Q-LES-Q instruments.

Material and methods: Observational, transversal and descriptive study. The Questionnaire on Quality of Life: Satisfaction and Pleasure (Q-LES-Q) and Morale Survey were applied to military personnel working in the Military Central Hospital (N= 2519), with a representative sample of the population of n= 1517 for the Q-LES-Q questionnaire and n=1002 for the Morale Survey. Descriptive and inferential statistics were used to evaluate both questionnaires.

Results: Of the 1517 individuals only 34% (510) fully answered the Q-LES-Q questionnaire, and of the 1002 individuals in the Moral Survey only 93% (929) fully answered the survey; results showed a tendency of experiencing a good quality of life and a high morale.

Conclusions: The Morale Survey is a reliable method (Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient of 0.83) of quality of life and is more likely to be answered completely for evaluation.

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