Evaluation of PTSD in Military Health Staff throgugh a digital survey during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Uriel Castañeda-Bonilla
Daniel Guzman-Pinacho
Dora Luz Villegas-Tapia
Devince López-Olmos
Damian Pantoja-Villagomez
Damian Rios-Vela
Yanira Díaz-Sanchez
Jorge Lothar Flores-Vazquez
Juan Rogelio Rios-Morales
Adriana Martínez-Cuazitl
Iván Noé Martínez-Salazar


The aim of the present article was to assess PTSD in military health staff, considering the characteristics of this type of environment, and specifically during the pandemic for COVID-19.

The Davidson Trauma scale was presented through the survey monkey ® platform, digital consent was provided by the personnel, users solved the instrument on their own personal devices.

Results showed an incidence of PTSD of 0.9% in a sample of 1422 subjects who  work in the Central Military Hospital; the most frequent symptom, and the most serious were the avoidance of doing things or being in situations that reminded the event, regardless of gender or age. We found a more risk of PTSD in females than in males (Odds ratio (OD) = 6.4; 95% confidence interval (CI) = 0.83 to 49.66). However, we did not find a correlation between age, hierarchy or professional group and the risk of PTSD.

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Castañeda-Bonilla U, Guzman-Pinacho D, Villegas-Tapia DL, López-Olmos D, Pantoja-Villagomez D, Rios-Vela D, Díaz-Sanchez Y, Flores-Vazquez JL, Rios-Morales JR, Martínez-Cuazitl A, Martínez-Salazar IN. Evaluation of PTSD in Military Health Staff throgugh a digital survey during the COVID-19 pandemic. RSM [Internet]. 6 de julio de 2020 [citado 30 de septiembre de 2023];74(4). Disponible en: https://revistasanidadmilitar.org/index.php/rsm/article/view/70
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